An Example of the Bogus Quranic Exegesis that Fuels Islamophobia

Would you trust two men, Pat Robertson and Robert Spencer, who hate Islam but speak nor read or understand not a single word of Arabic beyond the popularized Arab-Islamic terms we hear in the media to explain the Qur’an to us?

Listen to how he validates false hadiths and stories with no isnads to validate the “Satanic Verses” lie. Notice also the phenomenon I talk about, referred to as “Western Categorization”. This where the West judges other cultures according to its own paradigms. They think that a religion that  speaks about politics cannot be a religion but a political ideology. This non-objective reasoning leads to many fallacies. Also listen to the arrogance of these two as they suggest that peaceful Muslims don’t know the true Islam. Listen to these two “experts” actually suggest that Islam has orthodox sects. That should make you laugh if you understand that there can only be one orthodoxy and all sects by definition are heterodox. Listen carefully so that you can fully understand the meta-narrative and purpose of Islamophobia. The goals are damage control and creation of confusion in order to manufacture Islamophobia, in order to create an obstacle to authentic Islamic information reaching the world. It is also religious competition, as these two blatantly reveal to us in their dialogue. The outright lies and disinformation are too numerous to list here, from the simplistic elaboration of the jurist, not Quranic, doctrine of dar al-harb, to the idea that so-called moderate Muslims do not know our religion, to their false ideas about violent jihad. Keep this in mind!

Islamophobia is classic projectionism designed to obscure the bait-and-switch that is underway, the strategy of accusing Islam of everything the Islamophobes are guilty of, most notably a desire to take over the world.

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