Another Fake ex-Muslim

Continuing on with the propaganda of deceiving Muslims with a fake conversion story of a fake former Muslim by way of a hired Christian actor and dramatization.

If anyone knows anything about Africa they will immediately surmise that this man “Tawfeek” is North African, Arab, and Christian, not an Ethiopian convert to Christianity. You will also notice that during his salat(prayers) he looks upwards during the sitting part after sujud(prostration), which is forbidden in Islam. Any ordinary Muslim, without a scholarly education in Islamic sciences, can immediately recognize the how fraudulent this video and other types of propaganda are.

The question immediately becomes, “if your religion is so great why must you lie and deceive to get people to convert to it?” If Islam is so bad why lie about to gain converts? Is it to keep people away from Islam?

Stay tuned to IslamophobiaTV as we turn to the other tactic in the Islamophobic arsenal: the presentation of the supposedly ubiquitous Extremist Muslim as the normative Muslim.

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