Islam in Ethiopia

A more wholesome, light-hearted, positive video showing the beauty of interfaith harmony. There is no excuse for the West to not be able to follow this example of an impoverished nation, with many political problems; a nation that is ruled by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a Christian Faith, yet celebrates Muslim holidays as national holidays without complaints that this is appeasing Islam. Here in the West, especially the States where I live, there is a growing outcry over halal meat and slaughtering(zabiha), and nonsensical ranting and raving in Europe about hijab not being representative of “Western values”. There is also the obfuscating claim of “creeping shariah” which is taken from many angles. One of these angles is the push against Islamic financing and banking, which is nothing more than a disguise push to consolidate the economic hegemony of the Western world with its predatory financial and economic policies, policies that nearly collapsed our economy here in the States. Look for that video next. The point here is that the West could learn a lesson from an impoverished, war-torn nation about interfaith harmony and mutual respect.

Many people do not remember or know that the first Muslims from Mecca sought refuge in Abyssinia when they were persecuted by non-Muslim Arabs from Quarysh. The Abyssinian king at that time was Bahr Negash, an Orthodox Christian. This was the first hijra. Throughout history Muslims and Christians have lived together in relative peace and harmony in Abyssinia(it is now divided into Ethiopia and Eritrea).


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