Islamophobic Tactic #1:The Ubiquitous Muslim Extremist

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We have spoken about the tactics of the Islamophobes designed to confuse and steer people away from Islamic information. Tactic 2 Involves police-blotter style presentation in Western mainstream media of terrorist acts and crimes committed by Muslims. Tactic 3 and 4 involves the presentation of the fake ex-Muslim as an authority on Islam and the “Liberal/Progressive Muslim” as the representative of the moderate Muslim majority. Here we have tactic #1, which is the presentation in the media of the Muslim extremist, presented in a way designed to make viewers believe that extremists are not an infinitesimally small minority among Muslims, but are ubiquitous and represent normative Islam. When is the last time you heard or watched a beautiful, wholesome story about traditional Muslims and Islam in the media? When was the last time you heard about the numerous Muslims who have thwarted terrorist plots by informing the authorities?

Here is a video from our “friends” at MEMRI TV, notorious for their Israeli Zionist propaganda videos and their fake doctored videos designed to deceive. According to them, “Muslims who insist that Islam is peaceful and tolerant are at odds with Quran, Hadith, Tafsir, and 1400 years of Islamic history and theological teachings. Islam cannot be reformed, its teachings cannot be “corrected” because oppressive Islam we have seen in country after country, century after century is the real Islam”. This all suggests of course that Islam is in fact inherently problematic and in need of reform, which does nothing more than reinforce and justify their fear mongering. The goal is to eradicate Islam. If you believe that the more rabid of Islamophobes want to eradicate Islam by some way other than eradicating Muslims themselves, then I have two bridges for sale.

To buttress their claims of “Islamic supremacism” the proverbial  fiery Muslim “cleric” is trotted out to exacerbate non-Muslim fears about Islam and an impending desired takeover.

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