The Fake Ex-Muslim Phenomenon as a Tactic to Turn People away from Islam

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Watch this video if you have the stomach for blatant propaganda. An actor was hired in this video to portray  a Muslim who converted from Islam to Christianity. These videos are very similar. A traumatic experience or a visit from what is obviously a jinn challenges them and they begin to question their faith in Allah.

Listen to how they describe Islam in a way that suggests that the person could not have possibly been a Muslim in the past. Search for stories on the Internet of Ethiopian Muslims gathering in gangs to beat up Christians and you will see the enormity of this campaign of falsehood. This video is an obvious dramatization and is part of the proselytization campaign of some missionaries where they present fake ex-Muslims to an unwary populace in order to deceive them into converting to Islam. Do not believe that this missionary campaign is some sort of conspiracy-theory.  This type of deceptive “Christian“dawa’h” happens often in poorer countries, and the fake ex-Muslim is a particularly useful tool for duping the unsuspecting Muslim. The fake ex-Muslim phenomenon is big business with people like Wafa Sultan,  Mehmet Ergun Caner et al, all proven to be frauds. It is just another Islamophobic tactic to turn people away from Islam by suggesting that people would leave Islam in droves if they only knew more about it and were exposed to Christianity! The next video should drive this point home.

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2 Responses to The Fake Ex-Muslim Phenomenon as a Tactic to Turn People away from Islam

  1. what non-sense…

    many ppl leave islam too

    [Administrator edit]

    I removed your link. The rules for my other blogs apply here as well. Absolutely no links to any anti-Islamic hate websites or propaganda pages are allowed. I understand the need for damage control, but your post amply demonstrates that you did not understand the reason for posting this video.

    • It is undeniable that people do in fact leave Islam just as they are leaving Christianity. Both groups(Muslims and non-Muslims) inflate and deflate numbers and, unfortunately, alter statistics, use faulty methodology when gathering conversion statistics, and reach unwarranted conclusions not supported by data.

      However the point of the video is to show that many missionaries are using the Islamophobic tactic of presenting obviously fake ex-Muslims as authorities on Islam. Readers and viewers of and listeners to this type of material are mislead to believe that people with insider information have left Islam and are qualified to speak about it authoritatively. These types of videos are completely fraudulent. They are dramatizations, made for the expressed purpose of deceiving unsuspecting Muslims without any in-depth knowledge of Islam into being receptive to their message.

      However when one does the research it is easy to ascertain that these “muslims” who apostasized were either secular non-practicing Muslims or those with the most cursory knowledge of the Deen, often with decidedly heretical views about Islam, or outright frauds, such as Mehmet Ergun Caner who has been proven as a fraud, and Wafa Sultan, who is an atheist pretending to be Muslim that grew up as an Alawi, one of the false heterodox sects in Syria. Other times we find former extremists who have left Islam being trotted out as authorities. All of these categories of ex-Muslims fall into the category of false Muslims or those without the requisite knowledge of Islam to speak as authorities. If you really believe that this is not a missionary tactic used to trick Muslim into conversion or to present an obstacle to obtaining authentic Islamic information, you are really naive.

      Another common trend is the so-called ex-Muslim simply regurgitating neo-Orientalist propaganda and calumny against Islam, buttressed by the claim to authority that they believe the ex-Muslim status affords them.

      You say you are an ex-Sunni Muslim from Pakistan but a look at your youtube page and videos favorited and uploaded suggests otherwise, as you merely repeat calumnies against Islam that have been adequately answered in the Qur’an itself. You now have the dubious honor of having some of your videos posted here on IslamophobiaTV where I will deconstruct your “ex-insider” lies, Insha’Allah.

      In the interest of fairness please share with us your conversion or apostasy story.

      May Allah Guide you back to the Right Path if indeed you were a former Muslim. Ameen

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