The So-Called Muslim/Leftist Dhimmi Alliance: The Humiliation of Islamophobes Continues

In these two videos both Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, fellow hate-bloggers, are present at Ohio University where they were invited for a screening of their documentary “The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks”. The title is provocative enough, but here we are privy to the propaganda tactics of the Islamophobes. We must take their word for it that those who criticized the documentary never actually had seen it. Second, because a supposed FEMA report essentially redefines the meaning of Ground Zero to include anywhere debris or parts from the plane wreckage landed, we are being lead to the “newer” line of argument, namely, that The Islamic Community Center is not being built too near ground zero, but the proposed site is part of Ground Zero itself. Yes folks there is Ground Zero and what I have termed “Greater Ground Zero” in an analogy to descriptions of metropolitan cities. Can you believe that this debate is still ongoing and the Islamophobes have returned with their original assertion about just what constitutes Ground Zero? Show Scott Pelley of “60 minutes” and we are all convinced right? I have no interest in being politically correct, so my question, not that I believe it is a “mega-mosque”, or is at Ground Zero, but so what if it was? Geller speaks of creating a distraction narrative designed to keep people away from the truth. But the deeper issue has to be the narrative of the Islamophobes that is daily trying to definitively link Islam to terrorism in any way that they can. Opposition to a “mosque” at Ground Zero is a not so clever way of saying it was Islam that was responsible for 9/11. One thing I am grateful for is the fact that hardly anyone showed up for this documentary screening.

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