The Faces of Islamophobia

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The Faces of Islamophobia

by Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq

Islamophobia definitely has many faces. Sometimes it manifests itself in governmental policies, sometimes through intellectual, scholarly, and academic discourse. More often than not Islamophobia is manifested through either media or Populist discourses.The Populist view of Islam usually involves the average, everyday opinion of non-Muslims who never present themselves as experts on Islam. However this view, especially when it is intellectualized and Islamophobic does attempt to marshal scholarly resources for support of its views, or at the very least present an academic , unbiased veneer to what amounts to hateful bigotry. One interesting aspect of the lay Populist approach however involves a regurgitation of the simplistic narratives that bombard the Western Mainstream media with respect to Islam. Here we find an example in the video below where Muslims are being confronted at a masjid with the “blame game/collective guilt and punishment” corollary to the Islamophobic tactical arsenal.

Note: Notice that Muslims were raising money for the families of the victims of the September 11 tragedy. And before anyone suggests that they were raising money only for the Muslim families who were victims of that heinous act of terrorism, I suggest that one reviews the implications of the admittance that Muslims died in the World Trade Center tragedy, as it does not work well within the Islamophobic narrative that seeks to inextricably link Islam to terrorism. Ask yourself why Muslims are the number one victims of terrorism of any kind, whether it comes from their own supposed co-religionists or disguised imperialist armies purporting to liberate them from barbarism into democracy and freedom.

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