Park 51 Project Revisited

Park 51 Project Revisited

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq

A slideshow display of the hatred that Islamophobes are trying to mainstream here in America

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Pamela Geller must be having a fit. She, like the ACLJ, an Evangelist Christian group masquerading as a legal think-tank, are quite upset that the the last legal obstacle to the construction of the mislabeled Ground-Zero Mosque has been removed.

From the NY Times:

Judge Rules Ex-Firefighter Cannot Sue Over MosqueNY Times

A Manhattan judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a former New York City firefighter who is trying to stop the construction of an Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan.

The former firefighter, Timothy Brown, sought to overturn a decision by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to deny landmark status for a 150-year-old building on Park Place that would be demolished to make way for the center.

In a decision issued on Friday, Justice Paul G. Feinman of State Supreme Court in Manhattan wrote that Mr. Brown was “an individual with a strong interest in preservation of the building” but added that Mr. Brown lacked any special legal standing on its fate.

The decision removed what would appear to be the last legal challenge to the project, but the development faces other obstacles. Mr. Gamal has acknowledged, for instance, that he has not raised much of the $100 million needed to build the center.

Jack Lester, a lawyer for Mr. Brown, said on Sunday: “We believe the brave men and women who risked their lives have standing to preserve the monuments and historic buildings at ground zero.”

Mr. Gamal’s lawyer, Adam Leitman Bailey, called the decision “a victory for America” and said: “Despite the tempest of religious hatred, the judge flexed our Constitution’s muscles enforcing the very bedrock of our democracy.”


Here are a few discussions over the court battles over the proposed project with some clips from the courtroom action.

Here Eric Shawn reports live from the New York State Supreme Court after a 9/11 first responder asked a judge to stop plans for the Ground Zero mosque in its tracks. Tim Brown has been instrumental in trying to challenge the legal decision that struck down an attempt to have the building that would be transformed into the Islamic Community Center a historic landmark. It seems to matter not that those who plan to build this community center already own the property, making all “legal challenges” a farce at best.

A protest rally is being planned for this coming September 11th protesting the Islamic community Center, but also the recent legal decision. Here is what we could be seeing right after Ramadan this year, maybe on a much more massive scale.

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