Hirabah Rehab: Groundbreaking or Propaganda?

Jihadi and Terrorism Rehab: Groundbreaking or Propaganda?

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq

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Riyadh’s Care Rehabilitation Center is where the Saudi Arabian government has set up a program to reform terrorists into productive members of society. Robert Lacey (The Kingdom, Majesty) investigates the surprising success of Saudi Arabia’s approach to dealing with terrorists and extremists – without torture or water-boarding. Given extraordinary access to the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry and its practices, Lacey visits terrorist rehabilitation camps that use ‘soft policing’ tactics to be “nice” to the bad guys.

The video is well worth the watch despite the inanities such as the misleading use of the term “being nice to terrorists”, the requisite translation of jihad as “holy war”, the subtle jibe of “hero’s welcome”, and the generally doubtful tone of the presentation. It is thought-provoking in the sense of two issues. No other nation besides Saudi Arabia is allowed to fly their nationals detained at GITMO for this rehabilitation. Doubtless many of these terrorists do come from places like Iraq where they went for hirabah and qital, and many of these terrorists in the camp itself are in fact extremists from within the Kingdom who oppose the Kingdoms “moderate, pro-Western approach of “more ‘science’, less religion”.

The problem lies in what would be the purpose of transporting prisoners from what is essentially an officially recognized rendition/torture facility, prisoners, none of whom have been convicted of terrorism in a court of law, to Saudi Arabia for “jihadi rehabilitation”, the new type of terrorist camp. What is really going on here? No doubt we can applaud the Saudis for their groundbreaking success in what apparently is a groundbreaking program. However questions of American alliances and foreign policy nag at the brain on this one. Is this merely propaganda? From the Saudis? From the Americans? From both sides? When the mainstream media produces stories like this your best weapon against being indoctrinated is to question it from every angle.


The film, produced by Oscar-nominated LOKI Films (Jesus Camp) & Emmy-award winning Political Bytes Productions, shows the Saudis providing a private jumbo jet to bring inmates home from Gitmo, giving them a hero’s welcome, then sending them to a converted holiday resort to try to re-brainwash these hard line young men. It’s a program that has been copied in other parts of the world – including by some of America’s forces in Iraq. The film follows a rehabilitation class in which the young prisoners are taught the ‘correct’ rules of Holy War.

Is this rehab program working, and can we trust the Saudis to protect themselves – and us – against the threat of Islamic extremism in the future? Watch this NOW on PBS report for a perspective on terrorism you’ve never seen before.


Here Frank Faffney gives his hate-filled, Islamophobic,deceitful perspective:



Watch the full episode here

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