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Sheriff Lee Baca, the Real Non-Muslim anti-Loon

Sheriff Lee Baca, the Real Non-Muslim anti-Loon L.A. Sheriff Reaches Out To Muslims As Feds Increase Surveillance The folks over at creepingsharia, Jihadwatch, BareNakedIslam, all hate blogs, and their Christian Fascist allies[remember: not all Christian are fascists extremists] are at … Continue reading

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Herman Cain Weighs in on the Murfreesboro Masjid Project

Herman Cain Weighs in on the Murfreesboro Masjid Project Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq If you read the article about the high percentage of GOP candidates who are mildly or virulently Islamophobic you saw a video of Herman Cain speaking about Islam. … Continue reading

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