Sheriff Lee Baca, the Real Non-Muslim anti-Loon

Sheriff Lee Baca, the Real Non-Muslim anti-Loon

L.A. Sheriff Reaches Out To Muslims As Feds Increase Surveillance

L.A. County Deputy Sheriff Sherif Morsi meets with other men

The folks over at creepingsharia, Jihadwatch, BareNakedIslam, all hate blogs, and their Christian Fascist allies[remember: not all Christian are fascists extremists] are at it again. Amidst claims that Sheriff Lee Baca, the non-Muslim the Anti-Loon of the decade [2001-2011], is  a “secret Moozlum” comes an attempt to get him fired from his law enforcement job for support of an Islamic Organization, namely CAIR,  with alleged ties to terrorist groups, namely Hamas and the all-powerful Muslim Brotherhood. It escapes these peoples’ minds that if CAIR was a terrorist organization, it would be on the State Departments list of terrorist organizations and that the real meaning of  the”unindicted co-conspirator” slur is “insufficient evidence to prosecute”. Here are excerpts from the hate sites themselves:

jihad watch:


LA Sheriff Lee Baca must be fired for praising Hamas-linked CAIR

The courageous Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nasralla, who gave a riveting speech at our 9/11 Rally of Remembrance at Ground Zero last year, and Steve Klein of Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment are leading a demonstration on Friday, July 29, here in downtown Los Angeles, asking the Los Angeles county board of supervisors to fire the compromised and clueless Sheriff Lee Baca. Here is their announcement:

L.A. Sheriff Baca must be fired for praising organizations with ties to terrorism

San Diego: Christian leaders in Southern California are calling on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to fire Sheriff L. D. Baca for comments he made praising the Council on American Islamic Relations, a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; both have been linked to terrorist activities.

“I fled to America with my family because of the violence directed against me for my Christian faith,” said Joseph Nasralla, founder of The Way T.V. satellite network. “Sheriff Baca must be fired, and the County must apologize to all of us who have suffered at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Sheriff Baca’s praise for an organization with known ties to Islamic terrorism is outrageous and is an affront to all the victims of Islamic terror,” said Dr. Gary Cass of DefendChristians.Org. “This infiltration of law enforcement by those with sympathies for organizations that support Muslim violence is terrifying for Christians who have fled to the U.S. because of Muslim violence. Sheriff Baca must go!”

“We are alarmed that Sheriff Baca, who has sworn to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic, is making public statements in support of The Muslim Brotherhood,” said Steve Klein, of Concerned Citizens for the For the First Amendment. “We demand he be fired and that the L.A. Sheriff department make an unequivocal statement renouncing the work of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

BareNakedIslam, a truly vitriolic anti-Muslim hate site, I post this in its entirety to let you decide if it is a fair and balanced article and to see who ca spot the factual errors. I won’t post the link to this hate-site but if you do find the story on their website, don’t forget to read the comments. One commenter suggests Baca should be crucified. And the site claims over 10 million hits! I personally know that any Muslim or anyone sympathetic to Islam is banned from posting there. are we to believe that we have more than 10 million hate-filled anti-Muslim bigots visiting that site?:


BUSTED! LA County Sheriff Leroy Baca allegedly using taxpayer dollars to fund a Muslim Community Affairs Unit.

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You remember Sheriff Leroy Baca (see links below). He was the one who ardently defended the Hamas-linked, terrorist front group CAIR at the Peter King hearings on radicalization of Muslims in America. Well, apparently he is also using taxpayer dollars to fund a Muslim Community Affairs Unit with two full-time paid deputies from the LAPD. Yet there are no similarly-funded Community Affairs Units within the LAPD for any other religious group.

The United West – Sheriff Baca has a Muslim Community Affairs Unit, dedicated exclusively to Muslim affairs with two full-time paid deputies, yet there are no other similarly-funded Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or any other religious Community Affairs Unit within the LAPD. There may even be a violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

The United West “Strike Team” attended a Sheriff Baca Town Hall meeting at the Islamic Center of Los Angeles. Yes, you read that correctly, THE… Islamic Center of Los Angeles. This is the same one that was founded by a protege’ of Hassan al Banna,
who founded the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

LA County Muslim police get prayer breaks while on duty

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) hosted a Community Town Hall Meeting led by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). The LA County Sheriff’s Emergency Operations Bureau – Muslim Community Affairs Unit (MCAU),  a taxpayer funded entity, was the presenting agency. The MCAU’s mission is:  “build a stronger relationship with the Muslim community to build cooperation with law enforcement.”

The MCAU is a taxpayer funded religious group operating inside the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department at the behest of Sheriff Leroy Baca.  Civil Rights Lawyer’s may argue the MCAU violates the Establishment Clause mandate of government neutrality toward religion.

Steve Whitmore,  LASD Senior Media Advisor, confirmed the Muslim Community Affairs Unit receives taxpayer funds approximating $128,400 per year for two full time Deputies.  When this reporter asked Mr. Whitmore if any other , religions,  had a LASD Community Affairs Unit and received equal taxpayer funds,  Whitmore replied, “There are no other religious Community Affairs Units in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department.”

In 2006, Sheriff Baca established The Muslim American Homeland Security Congress (MAHSC), a non-profit organization. This was done with the help of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Muslim American Society. Many of these groups have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, as established in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial.

Baca attends Muslim Prayer Breakfast while on duty

Sheriff Leroy Baca, also started the Young Muslim American Leaders Group (YMALG) to engage and educate young Muslim professionals in the Los Angeles Area. Steve Whitmore said the YMALG and MAHSC are not taxpayer funded and managed by volunteers. Whitmore however, would not divulge who these volunteers are or what groups they represent.

The MCAU has another function, “The unit also trains department members about Islam and Muslims, touching on issues such as religious beliefs and customs. Academy recruits also receive a two-hour class on Muslim cultures and background as part of the cultural awareness training program.” A program tasked with teaching Shariah Compliant Islamic values to incoming police recruits, while excluding the values of every other religion in Los Angeles County.


Here Sheriff Lee Baca is being questioned by U.S. Representative Chip Cravaack (MN-8) about his knowledge of ties between the Council on American Islamic Relations and terrorist groups like Hamas. The questioning took place during the farce of a hearing, the House of Representative’s Homeland Security Hearing on the “Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response,” initiated by premiere Islamophobic politician Peter King.

As onepeoplesproject succinctly put it:

...On July 29, those particular clowns will be at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting demanding his ouster because he praised the Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR) when they gave him an award last year.

Here is the reality of Sheriff Lee Baca:

via Islamophobia Today


L.A. County Deputy Sheriff Sherif Morsi meets with other men and women from the Muslim American Homeland Security Congress at a mosque near downtown Los Angeles.


July 13, 2011

SAN DIEGO — On a weekday morning, a group of businessmen, scholars, residents and a sheriff’s deputy meet for coffee and eggs in the basement of a mosque, near downtown Los Angeles. They’re the Muslim American Homeland Security Congress, locals who want to shape the way counter-terrorism works in their community.

On the agenda this morning, is an invitation to L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca for Ramadan services, which start in early August. Baca has reached rock-star status here, after he founded this group six years ago.

Sitting in his office in the eastern edge of the city, Baca does not appear cop-like in the least bit—he’s thin and gentle in his demeanor.

“Someone has to stick their neck out to defend Muslims,” said Baca. “We wanted to get ahead of the predictable problems that all counties face in America and that is, work closely with the immigrant public, which is a very big part of L.A.”

Since becoming sheriff in 1998, Baca has created advisory councils for various ethnic and religious communities. But the attacks of Sept. 11th, and their aftermath, have had the most impact on his tactics.

Days after the attack, Baca began reading the Qur’an, meeting with Muslim shop owners, and asking them to report hate crimes. He also assigned seven officers to a special Muslim Community Affairs Unit, which would keep tabs on what happened in mosques and neighborhoods.

But while Baca was doing all this, the federal government’s relationship with the Muslim community in Los Angeles was deteriorating.

In the middle of an office park halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, is the Islamic Center of Irvine. This new mosque ended up at the center of a controversy over questionable policing of Muslims by the FBI a couple of years ago.

Deputy Sheriff Morsi meets with Imam Abdul Karim HasanDeputy Sheriff Morsi meets with Imam Abdul Karim Hasan outside his mosque in South Central Los Angeles.

The agency had used an undercover informant to build a terrorism-related case against a worshiper; the case later fell apart. In its defense, the FBI’s Los Angeles office has said it does its own outreach into mosques and Muslim leaders in Southern California, and does not “investigate people based solely on religious affiliation.”

“That happened within a prism of terrorism. We were not seen as ‘fellow Americans, let’s get to know you,’ ” said Hussam Ayloush, director of the Council of American Islamic Relations in Southern California (CAIR).

“We were seen as ‘prove to us you’re innocent, prove to us you’re good Americans.’ And unfortunately, that’s how the FBI started their relationship with Muslims, right after 9-11.”

In South Central L.A., Imam Abdul Karim Hasanoversees a mosque catering both to immigrant and African-American Muslims. Reminiscing about his city’s convoluted racial history, Hasan argued that Sheriff Baca stands out in his efforts to defend civil rights of both minority groups.

“If one brother commits a crime, you don’t arrest another brother,” said Hasan. “You know, everyone is responsible for their own acts, acts that they commit. And that’s what makes him stand out a little more, I think, than some of the other politicized people.”

But Baca’s Muslim outreach is not stranger to controversy. This March, Baca testified before Congress at Muslim radicalization hearings, where Minnesota Republican Congressman Peter Cravaack challenged the sheriff’s association with CAIR.

“Basically, you’re dealing with a terrorist organization. I’m trying to get you to understand that they might be using you, sir, to try to implement their goals,” said Cravaack.

“Let me just answer you this way: If the FBI has something to charge CAIR with, bring those charges forward and try them in court and deal with them that way,” replied Baca.

Visibly upset by the accusation, Baca added: “As a police officer, you have facts and you have a crime. We don’t play around with criminals in my world.”


Here is the Motto of the MB. Now I do not agree with their politics, as they are a Hizbi group, but any non-Muslim who finds a problem with this statement and sees it as insidious is both grasping at straws or is deeply insecure about something. The motto of The Muslim Brotherhood is:

Allah is our objective. The Prophet(as) is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

Allahu A’lam

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