NYChildren Exhibit

About this project

We are the Park51 Islamic Community Center in lower Manhattan. We love that Kickstarter allows people from all over the world to connect and support the dreams of their neighbors.

Please help us create the inaugural fine art exhibition in our new 4000 square foot gallery. We will show the work of artist, Danny Goldfield and open the exhibit to the public for 3 months on September 21, 2011, the International Day of Peace.

For his NYChildren project, Danny is photographing a child from every country on earth currently living in New York City. So far, children from 171 countries are part of this amazing series and quest. “From Goldfield’s many images, a single, rich, complex – and beautiful – portrait emerges.” — LIFE magazine cover story

We live in a world with far too much fear and misunderstanding. This exhibition is about finding the courage to meet and get to know neighbors to build trust and friendship.

To create NYChildren, Danny and a group of volunteers engage a network of immigrant-service providers, clergy, educators, business people, politicians, journalists, artists, students and other neighbors. We are optimistic that you and others in our city, country and world will support this exhibition project. Let’s create a physical space that reminds us to be in touch with something greater than ourselves, the unity in community and love of neighbors.

When you enter Park51 and walk into the exhibition, you will be surrounded by a salon-style presentation of over 170 beautiful color portraits of children. The photographs reveal a moving spectrum of emotions that we all feel. Along with the experience of identifying with the children photographed, you will find a text panel with the list of the remaining countries and project criteria. This is an active and hopeful exhibit that gives voice to the future.

Here is what we need to get done:

  • Two temporary walls must be built and painted to define the space
  • The 170 photographs must be printed, framed, and installed
  • Text panels and labels must be designed, fabricated, and installed
  • Exhibition maps and other informational materials must be designed and printed

Aside from helping create the exhibition, you will receive great rewards for different levels of support (see the range of goodies over to the right). Thank you.

Danny Goldfield, Artist
Danny worked for 10 years as an Art Director for TV and film productions, including award winning films and national commercials. He then received a Masters in Fine Arts from the American Film Institute Directing program in Los Angeles. Returning home to New York City, Danny began NYChildren Photography. Along with 13 solo exhibitions, his work has been featured on the Cover of LIFE magazine, FOX News, CNN Español, MSNBC, NHK Japan, People’s Daily in China, GOOD magazine, Lead story on Yahoo! homepage and numerous cover stories in Denmark during a successful exhibition in Copenhagen.

Sean Mooney, Exhibition Designer
As Manager of Exhibition Design for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museums, Sean oversaw the design and installation of major exhibitions and international building site developments. Sean is the Principal of the firm, SMAKprojects, designing exhibitions for Grand Central Terminal, the Clinton Presidential Library, Dia Center, and the Rubin Museum of Art, to name a few.

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