Ramadan Mini-Project

Ramadan Mini-Project

Ramadan Mubarak

The holy month of Ramadan is literally around the corner, and by the time some of you read this it literally will be Ramadan. I would like to propose a project that I think will go a long way in abating the tide of Anti-Muslimism we are seeing in some of the Western countries. We have a project idea that entails:

1. Non-Muslims participate in a fast-a-thon, whereby non-Muslims participate in the fast of Ramadan for any desired period, make a video of their experiences, and upload it to our youtube page. We will then post the video here along with a nice article explaining some things about Ramadan.

2. Non-Muslim ladies can wear the hijab or niqab and document their experiences by video and upload it to our youtube page and then we will post it here and write an article about it.

3. Non-Muslims can “shadow” a Muslim for an unspecified period of time, preferably during Ramadan, make a video documentary of their experiences(we can help you with the making of the video), upload it to our youtube page, after which we will post it here and with an article about it.

This will be a good way, Insha’Allah ta’ala for non-Muslims and Muslims to get to know each other as well as for non-Muslims to gain a first hand experience of Islam

To start:

May Allah Bless us all during this Holy Month, Insha’Allah Rabbil Alamin.

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