Muslim World News| Azerbaijan

Muslim World News| Azerbaijan

Muhammad ‘abd al-Haqq

Public organizations of Nagorno Karabakh will not recognize the outcome of the meeting in Kazan

on Jun 23, 2011| 7 views

Non-governmental organizations of Nagorno-Karabakh to be held in Kazan on June 24 in the meeting the Presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, issued a statement which reads:

“Confirming our previous statements regarding the proposed co-chairs of OSCE Minsk Group on Basic Principles for the settlement of the Karabakh conflict, declare that they will not recognize any of the documents signed by Armenia and Azerbaijan on the same principles. We are convinced that none of the interstate agreement can not be null and void, if it:

1) is aimed at restricting fundamental human rights;

2) entered into under the influence of the threat of force or economic coercion;

3) violates the dignity of the winners of the national liberation struggle of the people and deprives them of the fruits of their victory.

We, as ever, convinced that the only way of establishing peace between Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh is an unqualified international recognition of our state and, therefore, we consider positive the recent statements of the NKR authorities confirming this position Artsakh public.

For this reason, we call the three presidents – participants of the meeting in Kazan, ignore the political realities of the data and the political will to forge a new negotiating format. Peaceful and free development of nations in the region can be guaranteed only by respect for fundamental human rights. The format of negotiations, based on this principle, could pave the way for a peaceful solution to existing problems. “

The document was signed by Galina Artustamyan “Union of native soldiers who died,” Albert Voskanyan “Center of Civil Initiatives”, Tigran Kyureghyan “We Are”, Irina Grigorian, “Institute of public diplomacy,” Gegham Baghdasaryan “Stepanakert Press Club,” Manushak Titanyan “Art for Peace and development, “Haik Khanumyan” European movement of Artsakh, “Masis Mailyan” Public Council for Foreign and Security Policy “, Galina Luba” The Russian community in NC, “Julia Arustamyan” Harmony, “Taron Hakobyan” national liberation “, Valery Balayan” Tradition ” David Melkumyan “YMCA in Artsakh”, Yervant Gadzhiyan “Generation nut,” Lyudmila Petrosyan “Union of Russian-speaking citizens of Nagorno-Karabakh,” Gohar Hovhannisyan “Anganak” Sanasar Sarian “NGO Refugees Karabakh.”

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