Gov. Christie Defends Appointing Muslim Judge

Christie in 2008

 Gov. Christie Defends Appointing Muslim Judge

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq

 In the wake of the two years where Islamophobia is voraciously being denied to even exist by some, we are pleased at a recent development. Remember 2009 and 2010? And this current year hasn’t been a beautiful walk in the park for Muslims living in the West either. No doubt that Islamophobia is something people find difficulty understanding as  manifesting since the time of our Prophet(alayhis salam); and no doubt it has escalated in the post 9/11 world. This is why it oh so refreshing to see American Muslims being defended for once, instead of vilified. Despite the “Ground Zero Mosque” nontroversy, the constant fear-mongering about Creeping Sharia, opposition to the building of masajid all over the Western world, but especially in the U.S.; despite the spate of anti-Shari’ah legislation, and the constant panic mongering designed to cast suspicions on all Muslims living in the West, we see a refreshing development.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, defends his appointment of Muslim-American Sohail Mohammed to a state bench. You can imagine the usual “critics” screeching about dhimmis allowing sharia to slowly creep into this country. Their outrage must be at it’s highest level. A Muslim judge? well, at least they can’t say it is a leftist dhimmi/Muslim alliance or some other nonsensical conspiracy theory they are quick to promulgate.  When asked about “concerns” about Shari’ah Law taking over the U.S. , Gov. Christie, in hero and anti-loon mode, made it clear he had no patience for such “ignorance,” calling the complaints “crap.”

“Ignorance is behind the criticism of Sohail Mohammed,” he told a reporter asking about the complaints that he may be inadequate to be a judge because he defended Muslim Americans who were wrongly arrested post-9/11. “He is an extraordinary American who is an outstanding lawyer and played an integral role in the post-September 11th period in building bridges between the Muslim American community in this state and law enforcement,” Gov. Christie argued, adding that he was “disgusted, candidly, by some of the questions he was asked… at the Senate judiciary committee.”

But it was a follow-up question on the fear of Sharia Law that set the governor off. “Sharia Law has nothing to do with this at all, it’s crazy!” he cried. “The guy is an American citizen!” He concluded that the “Sharia Law business is just crap… and I’m tried of dealing with the crazies,” adding with disgust and frustration that “it’s just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background.”

I wonder how he would respond to other states banning Sharia Law? Allahu A’lam

Last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) announced seven judgeship appointments to the New Jersey Superior Court, including the appointment of Sohail Mohammed to serve on the court in Passaic County. Mohammed is an immigration lawyer in Clifton, NJ who notably defended many Muslims caught up in post-Sept. 11 dragnets, in which the Department of Justice quickly and secretly arrested hundreds of Muslims in the wake of the attacks. Often, the false pretense of an immigration violation was used to hold these men for many months, even though a vast majority of them had no connection to terrorism whatsoever.

Several prominent anti-Muslim voices on the right have reacted with characteristic vitriol to the elevation of a Muslim in the U.S. justice system, calling Mohammed “the enemy” and accusing Christie of turning New Jersey into a “Sharia State.”

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