The Alliance Between Neocon Christian Extremists and Anti-Muslim Ideologues Becomes Self-Evident

The Alliance Between Neocon Christian Extremists and Anti-Muslim Ideologues Becomes Self-Evident

Robertson And Spencer Agree: Media Love Islam ‘Cult’ Because They Hate America

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq

While connections between Anders Breivik and Islamophobic ideologues are being denied left and right; while some of our Muslim brothers regrettably blame all Jews and Zionism for the manufacturing of Islamophobia as shield to further their disastrous policies towards the Palestinians; and while Islamophobia itself is being vehemently denied to the extent  that the term is being viewed by some in the Muslim community itself as problematic, even useless, divisive, and counterproductive, the phenomenon of Islamophobia itself continues for all to witness. Nothing says this more as the alliance between Christian Extremists and Anti-Muslim ideologues was laid bare on August 3, 2011 on “The 700 Club“; a show that appears on both Mainstream Christian networks as well as Mainstream Evangelical Christian networks and is also broadcast all over the Muslim and Arab world in a special effort to proselytize and “witness” to the Muslim Ummah.

Anti-Muslim “counterjihadist””activist” Robert Spencer appeared Wednesday on the show with Pat Robertson. According to Spencer, the “leftist” Mainstream Western, especially American, Media loves Islam and is appeasing “radical Islam” by not telling the truth about our “cult”. Meanwhile those of us living in reality are wondering when was the last time this complicit/subverted media apparatus, owned by a consortium of Media moguls, most of them neocons or libertarians, some of them Zionist Jews, has given us a positive story about Muslims. In fact, most of Robert Spencer’s police blotter scholarship comes from this same “Muslim-loving” Media. When was the last time this same Media de-linked a terrorist attack or attempted terrorist attack from Islam? When was the last time the media invited a legitimate Muslim voice to address concerns and provide an authentic Islamic perspective? It seems to me that the media loves Muslims like Asra Nomani and Mona Eltahawy, Osama bin Laden and Anjem Choudhary, rather than authentic, influential Mainstream Muslim voices.

According to Brian Tashman via Islamophobia Today:

Anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer joined Pat Robertson on The 700 Club today to discuss the increased scrutiny of Spencer’s writings after it came to light that they were frequently cited by the right-wing Norway terrorist who killed scores of progressive youth activists and government employees. Robertson, whose American Center for Law and Justice worked with Spencer to organize a rally opposing the construction of an Islamic community center near Ground Zero, previously said that people who “oppose Muslims” am like himself are similar to those who fought “Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.”

Spencer told Robertson, who was upset that no one in the media was telling “the truth about this cult,” that the “hard left” media hate America and Christianity, and therefore “love” radical Islam. Later in the program, Robertson blasted the “anti-American” media for embracing “something out of the Eighth Century B.C.” (note: Muhammad was born in 570 AD) and denounced Islam for supposedly endorsing violence and restricting the rights of women (things Robertson has neverever supported).

The Damage Control Continues with Islamophobes Attempting to Deflect Responsibility

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2 Responses to The Alliance Between Neocon Christian Extremists and Anti-Muslim Ideologues Becomes Self-Evident

  1. timupham says:

    It seems the most logical thing to do, is for Pat Robertson to get into an ecumenical dialogue with Muslim clerics. They will agree to it, because I was in one at a synagogue. Muslims in the United States do want to reach out to other faiths. This could end the isolation I see among Christian clerics, who view Islam as just a dangerous threat. After all, we do live in the 21st century, and not in the Middle Ages.

  2. timupham says:

    I highly recommend that Pat Robertson get into an ecumenical dialogue with Muslim clerics. I did so at a synagogue, and Muslims within the United States want to reach out to other religions. It is wise that we do the same. Then you can compare things like the Christian values of peace and coexistence, with that of the Muslim — yes they do have them, it is not all war and kill. The best way to address any type of phobia is to know about the people who it is directed to.

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