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Islamophobic Politics | An Introduction to Analyzing Islamophobinese

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq

The audio is very hard to hear over the shouting and jeering and clapping of the West supporters. But believe me, I live here in Florida(we have a strong CAIR presence here), and Nezar Hamze certainly does not have a lack of Islamic knowledge. He was merely being shouted down by an arrogant demagogue in a hostile environment. When he tried to respond, did you hear the women say “We don’t wanna hear it!”?. Or Allen West shouting “put your mic down and go home!” at the end? Real classy.

Let me break it down if I can, and if you can bear reading info you may already be aware of.

Hamze won the “debate” from the beginning, when he asked, after pointing out that West blames certain violent attacks on American citizens on Islam by saying they were following Islam and the Qur’an.

Hamze: “You recently told a Marine that uh, the terrorists that attacked the United States and the people that are attacking America are following Islam, are following the instruction of the Qur’an. So, very simple question…Can you show me in this Qur’an where it says attack Americans, attack America, or kill innocent people?

Basically he was asking, “Show me in the Qur’an justification for killing innocents or killing people simply for not being Muslims”.

West: very sarcastically, to the delight of the crowd,

“Well of course it doesn’t say attack America or attack Americans, the book(the Qur’an) was written somewhere around the 8th or 9th century. America wasn’t even around..”

Besides the very simplistic reasoning,

Here is Factual error number ONE from West: The Qur’an was written down during the lifetime of the Prophet(alayhi salatu wasalam). It was compiled for the sake of accuracy and canonization, after the death of the Prophet, as his death ended the revelation of the Qur’an. Sounds like a Cook and Crone Orientalist revisionist history.

Then he goes on to list violent incidents involving Muslims, police blotter style.

West: “You do have the verse of the sword in there…and there is talk about killing infidels”.

Factual error number TWO: There is no “verse of the sword” as there is no mention of a sword anywhere in the verse. It is an appellation given to it by Western critics.

Factual error number THREE: There is no talk about killing infidels. “Infidels” is a word that comes from Catholicism whose meaning has broadened over the centuries, and which has no one-to-one correlation with the Arabic word mushrikeen. The verse is about mushrikeen, variously translated as “idolaters”, “those who associate partners with Allah”, polytheists, and/or “pagans”. And the quranic references are not to all mushrikeen. The word kafir may be translated as “infidels”, but this is not completely accurate, as kafir means “one who covers up(the truth)” or “one who rejects Faith after realizing its Truth”. Something is definitely lost in translation.

After a very hard to make out exchange because of people talking over each other,

West: “628, battle of the Trenches, 3,000 Jewish people slaughtered..”

Factual error number FOUR and FIVE: Now I have heard that anywhere from 400-900 Jews of the Banu Qurayza were executed. But based on the sources themselves we know how unreliable these numbers are. But, “3,000 Jewish people were slaughtered”? Perhaps Hamze couldn’t “blow sunshine up West’s butt” because he was blocked by the ridiculous figure West was pulling out of there? Also, the Battle of the Trench did not occur on 628 AD. In reality the battle took place a year before on 627 AD. It seems that the more “educated” Islamophobes rely on their distortions vis a vis Islam to go unchecked by the mass of Islamophobes who cannot be bothered to do their own research. Along with his recitation of the police blotter of violent events related to Muslims(not necessarily Islam) it is obvious that the usual Islamophobic talking points are mere regurgitation. West obviously could not be bothered to research the statistics that he blindly parrots.

After thunderous applause and cheers for West’s police blotter tirade listing of “events in Islamic history”,

West:After mentioning Khadijah(radhi Allahu anha)…., “But something happened after Muhammad enacted the hijra,…it(Qur’an) became violent”

Factual error number SIX: It is a common misconception that all of the “peace verses” of the Qur’an came/were revealed in the “Meccan period”, and all the “sword verses”, came after the hijra in the “Medinan period”. Chronological and historical analysis makes it impossible to make that blunder. People who bolster their hate of Islam by legitimizing the narrative of Extremists and talk about abrogation in the Qur’an without knowledge, make this ridiculous argument. Islamophobes and Muslim Extremists seem to be two sides of the same coin. Both delight in the idea of an abrogation that allows Muslims to allegedly be prescriptively violent and in the idea of murdering 3,000 Jews for no good reason other than their Jewishness.

Now that’s six factual errors in less than FIVE minutes of video, and that only because I could only hear six errors. There could be more. And there are Islamophobes all over the net “shouting” about how West “schooled” Hamze about Islam! Here is the video again, if you haven’t already seen it:

In the comments section we can see how much people idolize this pompous demagogue. People want him to be President some day! The same type of people who want Palin in office! Scary stuff!Judge for yourself, but..

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  1. Leota says:

    Hm, I’m just comfortable with this but still not entirely convinced, hence i’m going to research a touch more.

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