An example of Allāh written in simple Arabic c...

Muhammad Sameel ‘Abd al-Haqq(a “pseudonym”/pen name/Muslim name) has an educational background in Anthropology and Islamic Studies. Specific details are not included to preserve the author’s relative anonymity.

He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology with a Biotechnology Certificate and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts Degree in Cultural Anthropology, after which time(next year insha’Allah), he will pursue his PhD in Islamic Studies.

This blog is a collection or suite of interconnected blogs that serve as a resource and sounding board for information and ideas relevant to Islamic education, disseminating authentic Islamic information, and articulating authentic Islamic perspectives for the express purpose of combating Islamophobia through offensive measures rather than defensive ones(apologetics).These blogs include:

https://islamophobiatv.wordpress.com will soon move to http://islamophobiatv.org


This soon-to-come TV channel is dedicated to combating Islamophobia. When the TV station is in full swing this website will become the official IslamophobiaTV website and blog, insha’Allah

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