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Ramadan Around the World

Ramadan Around the World | Message from a Great Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq From Muslim Matters Shaykh Dr Ibrahim Dremali would like to extend his appreciation for all the good comments he has received and for all your Duaa’s. This … Continue reading

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Toronto Imam Charged with 13 Sexual Offenses

Toronto Imam charged with 13 sexual offenses Mohammad Masroor, 48, taught the Qur’an at a local mosque Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq In the Muslim community three major issues seem to always get buried: Domestic abuse, racism, and sexual abuse crimes. Of … Continue reading

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Islam in Japan

Islam in Japan |Abdullah Taqy: the only native Japanese Imam in Tokyo Muhammad ‘Abd al-Haqq Abdullah Taqy is the only Japanese Imam in Tokyo. A chance meeting with a foreign Muslim 12 years ago in Tokyo’s Shibuya district and a … Continue reading

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Another Fake Ex-Muslim? You Decide

According to the person running the  youtube page promoting Zaki Ameen and his books on Islam, Zaki Ameen is a former Muslim Imam, who has left Islam and has decided to educate us Muslims and non-Muslims about the evils of … Continue reading

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